SSC offers programs in the areas of special needs parent support, special needs parent outreach, and community awareness.

Parent Support

SSC is dedicated to ensuring that special needs parents have the emotional support and the key resources they need to navigate challenging situations related to caring for their child with special needs. We assist parents struggling with issues such as stress, loneliness or isolation, depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. Maybe you just need someone to talk to who can relate…we are here!

Parent Outreach

We offer a variety of support programs for parents centered around mental and emotional wellness. Click here to schedule presentations. Please also view options under the Community Awareness section if you are an organization seeking to learn ways to improve relations, sensitivity, and accommodations amongst special needs parents and families.

Community Awareness

Community awareness presentations can be booked for any organization or institution. Consider booking presentations for companies, organizations, churches, etc. Click here to schedule a presentation.