We all trip, fall, and get up again through this journey.​

Often as parents, we feel isolated, exhausted, and sometimes even ill-equipped to handle the level of care needed for our children (minor or adults) with special needs. It is an unexpected and drastic change in our daily lives that can both enrich our lives, while turning them upside down. We often give and give AND give due to an unrelenting idea that it is more important to care for our children than it is to care for ourselves. However, in order to give the best level of care and love to our children, it is essential that we take care of ourselves too!

To all of our new parents who have just been blessed with your special bundles, we know the emotional rollercoaster you are enduring and will go through for the duration of your time as parents. But even through the rollercoaster, you’ll learn to navigate, create your own rhythm of life, and YOU WILL continue to have extraordinary dreams for your child.

To our veteran parents, although you have steered the course, we know you still have your moments. It’s easy to laugh one moment and shed a tear the next moment. But the beauty is that you can gift someone your stories, your life lessons, and your journey. Wonder where the silver lining is in your situation? Your experience is that special thing that no one else has and what new special parents are longing for.

So be that village to one another – because you’ll help someone grow into this awesome role that they have been entrusted!