Online Support

We understand that some special needs parents are unable to make the commute to a local support group, therefore we encourage you to find an online support system. Whether it’s a discussion forum, Facebook group, or online chat — connect with other parents going through the same ups and downs. There’s nothing better than finding someone who truly understands your journey.

In-Person Support

If possible, take the next step of connecting with other special needs parents in person. Whether it’s attending a weekly support group or going to an event every once in a while, surround yourself with other supportive special needs parents. You’ll be able to share, vent, and offer suggestions to other parents too. It’s a great way to expand your village, especially if you lack family or friend support close by.

Places of Faith

Another great alternative is your local church or place of worship. It’s a place where you can seek out spiritual counsel or congregate with your church family, who can provide an additional level of support through life circumstances. Whether it’s attending service or a life group, get involved.