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Special Shades of Color creates multimedia content for and about special needs parents of diverse backgrounds in the spirit of empowering special parents to navigate the complexities of their unique journey and create understanding among family, friends, and the world in which we live. As an independent nonprofit organization, we produce visual content that is designed to educate and enlighten viewers and listeners.

We are families of different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds sharing our journey and striving to build a sense of community among parents and a tangible way to connect. Remember, you are not alone! 

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To provide an online space for parents of special needs children to share, support, and encourage one another in order to build emotionally and mentally healthy and whole parents.

The Facts

  • Over 50% of special needs parents report clinical depression.
  • 14% of family caregivers care for a special needs child.
  • An estimated 16.8 million family caregivers care for children under 18 years old; 55% of these caregivers are caring for their own children.
  • Many parents are unable to leave the home to attend support groups because they are primary caregivers and solely responsible to provide care within the home.

Our Goals

  • To unequivocally express that you are not alone as a special needs parent.
  • Demystify notions of what goes on in the household and lives of special needs parents.
  • Provide an insider look into the lives of special needs parents, both challenges and blessings.
  • To create an easily accessible space for support and dialogue.
  • Include diversity in the special needs parent narrative.
  • Promote mental and emotional wellness.
  • Build a community among special needs parents.
  • Increase understanding, compassion, and acceptance among family, friends, and the world.
  • Teach families how to embrace their full narrative and not be ashamed, because the pieces you are trying to hide are the most meaningful, have the most impact, and help the most people.